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  1. _______ all her efforts, she failed to reach her aim.

  A.Together with B.In spite of C.Instead of D.Because of

  2.The highway is about_______ .

  A.three thousand long miles B.long three thousand miles

  C.three-thousand-mile-long D.three thousand miles long

  3.Anyone who has_______ the magazine please give it back immediately.

  A.taken B.received C.accepted D.brought

  4.Don't get ________ to the dog. It is dangerous.

  A. closely B. nearly C. nearby D. close

  5.Every means _____ prevent the water from ______ .

  A. are used to, being polluted B. was used to, polluting

  C. is used to, polluted D. is used to, being polluted

  6.He started early ______ he could get there before nine.

  A. in order that B. because C. so as to D. in order to

  7.It was ______ that he couldn't finish it alone.

  A. so difficult a work B. a so difficult job C. such a difficult work D. so difficult a job

  8.Everybody has to spend ______ in bed.

  A. some times B. some time C. sometime D. sometimes

  9.Shortly after the accident, two ______police were sent to the spot to keep order.

  A. dozen B. dozens C. dozen of D. dozens of

  10.Your advice that she ______ more exercise is reasonable.

  A. takes B. take C. does D. carries out

  11.I wasn't _______ the decision until too late.

  A. informed B. formed C. informed of D. informed for

  12.Only the people concerned have access _______ the foreign teacher?s class.

  A. into B. with C. to D. About

  13. ______ his homework in time, he had to stay up late into the night.

  A. Finishing B. Having finished C.To finish D.To have finished

  14. _____ the fog, we should have reached our school.

  A. Because of    B. In spite of C.In case of   D. But for

  15.I didn't hear____ because there was too much noise where I was sitting.

  A. what did he say B.what he said

  C. what was he saying D.what for him to say



  1. 【答案】 B

  【精析】together with 和...一起;in spite of盡管,不管;instead of代替;because of因為;根據句意,盡管她很努力。她還是沒有達成她的目標。

  【答案】 D

  1. 【答案】 D

  【精析】三千英里長:three-thousand-mile long=three thousand miles long。

  2. 【答案】A

  【精析】根據句意任何人拿了雜志請立刻歸還。take拿、取;receive收到;accept 接受;bring-brought-brought帶來。

  3. 【答案】D

  【精析】固定搭配get close to接近/靠近...。closely adv.緊密地;nearly adv.幾乎nearby adj./adv.附近

  4. 【答案】D

  【精析】根據句意,為了防止水被污染,每一種方法都被試過了。means:方式,方法;這個單詞是單復數同形,因此要由其前面的定語決定它是單數還是復數,由every可知謂語動詞要用單數。又因為water與污染pollute 之間構成被動關系,再由from為介詞,后要加being done才可構成被動,故答案選D。

  5. 【答案】A

  【精析】根據句意,他出發很早是為了九點之前到哪里。A.in order that 為了+句子;B.because 因為,不符合句意;so as to do=in order to do后面跟短語。

  6. 【答案】D

  【精析】work譯為“工作”為不可數名詞,不用a修飾,so +adj.+a+n./such+a+adj.+n.

  7. 【答案】B

  【精析】A.some times 幾次;B.some time 一段時間;C.sometime 某天;D.sometimes 有時。

  8. 【答案】A

  【精析】確數和約數的表達,數打dozens of;具體的兩打two dozen。

  9. 【答案】B

  【精析】advice含蓄虛擬,后面的從句謂語動詞用(should)+do,做鍛煉可以用take exercise。

  10. 【答案】D

  【精析】根據句意,第二天下午他會再次拜訪Mr. Smith用call on sb.=visit sb.拜訪某人A.call forth引起、使產生;call off 取消;call by(非正式)順路拜訪,根據句意,并不是順路。

  11. 【答案】C

  【精析】 固定搭配inform sb. of sth. 通知某人某事。

  12. 【答案】C

  【精析】固定搭配have access to有權使用,能夠接近。

  13. 【答案】C

  【精析】考查非謂語做狀語,to do不定式表目的,句意為:為了及時完成作業,他不得不熬夜。

  14. 【答案】D


  15. 【答案】B





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